Ketolife: cooking and living Keto

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KETO-LIFE: approaching the ketogenic diet, practical tips, delicious, fast and tasty recipes! Resolve inflammation, diseases such as PCOS; insulin resistance, generalized inflammation with joint pain, fibromyalgia,....insomma: become protagonists of your health



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This is my platform, where I wish to help you know and put into practice the indispensable information, to become the Protagonists of your health and regain the mental and physical well-being you so desire and are entitled to!

I have been a physician for more than 30 years, and I have always done information and outreach. I believe it is important to provide independent information for your health-this should be the task of every health professional. In my professional journey I have evolved from a purely "cathedratic" medicine to an integrated medicine, proving on my own person the benefits of changing for example dietary style and much more. As a woman who entered menopause early, I experienced the devastating symptoms of early menopause and discovered hormone therapy with bioequivalent hormones: tried on myself regaining a